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400 AT flashing code

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Does anyone know what is wrong when you display flashes five times? I can not find an on line manual to download. My ESP is flashing five times and the bike just bogges down. Any help would be great!!!
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Code #5 is: Angle sensor system (Motor lock) code ... There are several tests for code #5 the most common cause is faulty angle sensor .. The angle sensor on the TRX400FG/FA must be installed with a pre-load on it ...

Post or PM your email address and I will email you the Hondamatic section for the TRX400 ...
No the angle sensor can't be bypassed ..
I hope your ISP accepts the file it was quite large ..
I have a 2003 foremen es 450 that has a code flashing five times any ideas
Go to and download the factory service manual
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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