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4 wheel drive?

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Is there anyway i can get all 4 wheels spinning when i put it in 4 wheel drive?
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if you slightly engage the front brake/ not enough to brake but enough to just touch the pads it should start turning both front. my 05 and my new 07 both do that. hope this helps
yeah i did that but do i have to keep pumpin my break or do i jus pump it and it should get both going at the same time? Is there any easyer way to do it can i like by a part or something so when i switch on 4 wheel drive all 4 tires are runnin without doing the break thing?
i know what your talkin about now where can i get one for a foreman 500?
where can i get it for the cheapest?
they are all the same price and <a href="" target="_blank"></a> last one on the bottem and it says Honda 500 Foreman (05-06) but it more than likly will fit yours
if you are just in the mud a locker is ok. if you do a lot of trail riding a locker is a real pain if you have to stay in 4wd because it does not steer very easy.
the Detroit Gearless Locker is different though in strght lines it is a locker but when you turn it acts as a limited slip and it doesnt efect steering much at all
Right on JWJR. If you have the cash go for it, you will love the Detroit Gearless Locker.
once i get my own bike ,since i am currently riding dads and he wants almost everything to be stock, this will be one of my first mods save for lift springs, tires and wheels
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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