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350 rancher 2wd tire help

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I will need some tires soon for my 2006 Rancher 2wd because the blacktop is eating mine up fast on the front and the rears aren't looking the best either. Can anyone recommend some tires that will fit it and will stand up to blacktop use since I ride my daughter around in the subdivision daily, also I ride in my yard daily and don’t want anything real aggressive that will tear up the yard.

Here are my tire sizes and I am having problems finding anything other than stock that will even fit my four-wheeler.

Front - 24 x 8 – 12

Rear – 25 x 11 – 10
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mud lite Ats come in those sizes.
Thanks, how do they hold up on blacktop compaired to the factory crappy goodyears.
they'll do all right.
Don't get MudLites if you want a tire that will last. I suggest you get some Kenda Bear Claws, they wear like steel, and aren't overly agressive.

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Sorry they dont come in my sizes, I wish they did.
I think will go with the CARLISLE AT 489 ATV Tires since I don't need anything aggresive that will tear up my yard and I have heard they hold up well on blacktop.

BTW why did my goodyear trackers wear so fast on blacktop where my old bridgestone stock tires on my old suzuki held up great, are goodyears just soft or what?
They don't have to be the exact sizes, just the last number. They have 24x8x12, and you could run 25x12.5x10 on the back.
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