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350 compression

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i have 2004 350 with no mods. only 25" mud bugs. it will bog out in 1st gear when in snow or mud. air filter is clean and valves adjusted every 1000km. i checked compression and only have 75psi. is that normal or low?
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Compression should be 97 psi at 450 rpm .. With the throttle held wide open ..
Same problem

Hey I have the same problem right now... And i hate to be the bearer of bad news, but my piston is the problem with mine. I also thought that the valves were out of adjustment but when I checked them they were out a little bit but not enough to make the racket it was making! I'm boring mine out .50 over this weekend piston is arouund 53$ and rings are 40$ and the rist-pin is around 20$ or so... I'm not sure about the gasket set but all you would need is a jug and valve cover gasket... maybe it is not your case but it is with me... so just a heads up.

the mud buggs pull good when it dont bog out?
yes the bugs pull well
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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