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30in mudlites

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WOOOOOO!!! did any body even no that itp made 30in mudlites
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for about a year or more lol
tires keep getting bigger and bigger whens it goina stop??!
there gonna stop at 53 inch boggers lol..
wel i feel stupid i had no idea that that itp made that big of a tire
just wait until they make a 1000cc quad to push those tires
Everything is getting bigger. Tires, rims, trucks, everything...and they already have the AC 950, I'd be willing to bet it would pull these pretty good...or some atv tracks
my unlce bout a 800 ranger and has tracks all the way around.. talkin bout a mud eaten bitch..
QUOTE ("brian111682":32hbq2ml)
just wait until they make a 1000cc quad to push those tires
already on the way, the Arctic Cat Thunder Cat 952CCs LOL
a 952 wow how much would it weigh . my foreman is heavy enough to move around it would have to weigih 800-900lbs that just crazy
Mudzillas make 30" tire. Outlaws make a 31" tire..
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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