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30" tires

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Can anyone tell me if you can fit 30" tires on a foreman without the big gorilla lift.
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you might have to cut alot of ur fender but there are people of on here with 29.5 so u should be able to with the lift and spings u have now, by the way how do u like the 28 you have now i'm try'n to decide between the 28 or 29.5 i know i could fit the 29.5 i just want to bog it down with the extra weight.
I really like the swamp lites. and the atv has plenty of power to turn the 28" over. I wish i would have gone with the 29.5". with a clutch kit from highlifter it should turn those over in the mud pretty easy.
cool maybe this will help u out a little more startboy 0720 has 30" mud lites, u can check his out or send him a message and see how he likes them if u want to see what he has in his sig he is the fourth one down in the post Let's see your Foreman 500's on this page.
A whole lot of cutting and a 2inch lift I would say. My 27's fit good but still rub the support brackets when turning shap so you would have to beat them in also.
Defanatley. Highlifter sells custom bent brackets for the front fenders so your tires wont rub them.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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