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2wd rancher tire question?

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I have the stock 25-11-10 tires on my rancher and it needs some new shoes bad. I can nt seem to find a set of rear 12" rims so I will be just buying tires to fit the old wheels. My question is does anyone know of a set of decent tires in 26" to fit the 10" rims????

I had narrowed it down to mud lites or swamp lites but it seems I will be forced to stay with the stock size.
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I've been running 25" mudlites for about a year, and I love them. I go where a lot of folks can't believe I'm 2WD. I recently got a set of mudbugs, but have not put them on yet. They will be mounted this week and the Labor Day weekend will be a test run. I'll let you know how they perform as compared to my mudlites after the holiday. I would look around for the bigger rims though, just because of the limits of a 10" rim. I only got these mudbugs cheap cuz the guy didn't know anyone with 10"'s
Are your 25" mudlites the ones with the not so deep tread?

Reason I ask is because I bought a set of 25's for my foreman and noticed after mounting that the tread was not very deep and my ranchers oem tires look bigger when they are side by side.

Do mudlites run smaller or did I get screwed????

The ones that I have are AT. 3/4" lug. When I bought mine, I didn't know they had an XT....The XT has an 1 1/8 lug. If you could find the XT, I think that would be better, but I still will give you an update on the mudbugs Sept 5 or 6
not entirely sure about now but when i was lookin for tires a while ago they didnt offer the xt in a 25 they may now tho not 100% on that
Well, I just got back from a weekend of muddin' and I am REAL happy with my mudbugs. But the guys following me did not like them. They don't sling as bad as vampires, but you don't want to be tailgating me. As far as the comparison to mudlites.... these tires worked WAY better than the AT mudlites. The heavier tire seemed to help in the slimy-peanut butter mud, and she didn't float as easy in the water.
thanks for the feed back!
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