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2wd foreman 500 tires ?

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im geting a foreman 500 2wd and was wondering will it turn 29.5's ? on the back ?
also what power mods do i need to have and what fender mods do i have to do
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29.5's will fit will little rear finder heating and bending. Robb can tell ya all about it. But if your going that big why not get a 4x4?
because im might trade my sport bike for one and cant find any one with a 4x4 who will trade me
Well, you could make them fit, but you'd do better with smaller ones I'll bet. I noticed a bit of power loss just putting some 27 inch Mud Lites over stock. Those Outlaws are going to make a very big difference I'd think. Plus you'd be far more satisfied to sell your bike outright, save some money for a while, and go get a 4x4.

You'll wish you had. Two wheel drives like a Recon do okay in the mud, but that 2x4 Foreman is around 500-sum pounds, and will sink when you get in the deep stuff.
yeah you should sell your bike so you can get a 4x4 because if you get stuck in 2 wheel drive there is no 4x4 to help get you unstuck on the 2x4 foreman
2 wd is fun too!

I have no power problems in mud with a pipe and jet kit it has plenty to keep the front tires up and get through the mud. Plus the 2 wd has no parisidic power loss due to the extra weight and drive train. Also I have 27 in. swamplites and have not been stuck yet and it has been in mud and water over the fenders many times.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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