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2nd gear go bye bye!

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Well guys I think my second gear has about had it...You can be riding in second and let out of it and it kinda jumps out (you can hear it) and then get back in the gas and it jumps back in smooth! I dont know what to do with it... the only time it has slipped is when I was riding a wheelie the other night and when I shsifted into second it was just like being in nuetral! I guess I will have to take her in for warranty...but while they got every thing apart I guess I will let them throw a clutchkit in for me!
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It aint been on laws in a long time..... Its on 28" mudlights right now! But It will be on factory wheels and tires when it goes in! It will also be clean with all new fluids !
thats ALWAYS a good idea. if u take a bike in on laws and try to say "its under warranty" they will laugh in ur face... lol
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