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how much gc will i fave if i put 29.5 outlaws a liftkit and lift springs on a 2005 honda foreman
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only the amount from tires because of the straight rear axle
i wouldnt run 29.5 a lift and lift springs. you will be fixen it more than riden it. put the 29s on with out a lift.
how are the 29.5s gonna fit without a lift?????????
QUOTE ("GeorgiaForeman":19r5c56v)
how are the 29.5s gonna fit without a lift?????????
Cut plastic.
Why cut when you can heat + bend? PM ROBB...29.5's and no lift on 500.
QUOTE ("eurobro":2tznaii6)
head + bend?
why would you cut the plastic on a perfectly good foreman??????
I wouldn't but 29.5 will need a lift other wise.
You can "heat" the plastic w/ a heat gun. Then they will bend to fit the tires. Robb is using stock wheels as well so they are set in 1" more than if you are running aftermarket wheels. He did not cut any plastic. Just bending the front fender braces and bending the rear plastic. No lift, no rubbing.
i would also do it robb's way it is easy and alot cheaper, plus when ever you might want to sell it all you have to do is bend it back and there would be no hassle trying to sell the lift or springs.
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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