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With my current mods could i turn them at all? I found a set at a faril good price and need to know is it worth it, i know have 28's but i know they are not in teh same league as 29.5's, thnaks Eurobro or someone can you help me if you have them
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Your only lookin' at another inch or so in diameter, so i don't see why not.
Is there really that much of a differance between the 28's & the 29.5's?
Yes there is a pretty big difference. You will difinately want to get a clutch kit. It will turn them, but will bog in the thick stuff. I would also go 10's all the way around, I don't think that you would turn 12's in the rear.
28 outlaws and 29 outlaws, are night and day. There is a big difference in lug pattern on the 29s, they are a lot more aggressive, with a ton more side lug. Eurobro is the only 450 ive seen in person with the 29s, he turns them good. But FL has pretty forgiveable conditions, our mud is usually pretty watery. Ive only seen him not be able to turn his over once or twice. If you ride thick mud, they will be tough to turn.
I didn't realize there was such a big differance between the two.
I know the sidewall lug is almost 4 inches as compared to my 28's at 2 and 1/2. We have soem of that marshmellow type mud, but i dont know if I i will go that big or not.
I've been thinking on the same subject for a while, so let us know how they work out if you get them...........
Im thinking of just getting them and if i cant turn them i hold onto them because ill be getting a 500m i think or an H1 and i know they will turn them
I dont turn my 28 laws that great at all
how come???
I doesnt have enough power to turn them....i need to put a clutch kit in. There 28x9.5's on the front and 28x12.5's on the back. I dont think im going to much a clutch kit though, im jus gona buy a gear reduction kit.
foreman450rider a clutchkit will help u out alot with the laws. The gear kit has about a 6 month waiting list right now.
I guess im gona have to go with a clutch kit now, because im not wating 6 months
hi i just bought a 2001 honda foreman 450 s with 126 hours and 690 miles and i paid 2600 for it , no B.S 2600 ... what a steal guy had to sell all his toys to cover his divorce !!! his loss my gain .. now will 28 inch outlaws run good on this foreman , or should i go with 27 inch outlaws ?? please someone let me know ... the bike has great torque and was a tank in the mud only getting stuck twice with the stock tires !!! i cant wait to see what this bad boy will do with some outlaws on it >>>

2001 honda foreman 450 s
hmf pipe
k&n air filter
warn 424 switch
2500 l/b superwinch
There's a few guys the ride with us the run 29.5, the gear bikes do better but the others do ok
so could i run 28 inch outlaws with out any problems ? what are the pros and cons of this ? im wanting to put 28 inch outlaws on mine ...
I say put 27's I have 28's but would prefer 27's.
so you think 27 inch outlaws would perform better than 28's would on my 450 s ?
I know that they will
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