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anyone got a picture of a 500 foreman on 29.5 outlaws?mods???
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you can do a search. there is lots of people with 29.5's
They had this dude I know on Highlifter that had some on his,but sold his bike.and I know someone else from HL who has some 29.5's on his bike.....
And thats it!!!
Hmmmmm....Gear reduction, clutch kit, pipe, filter and jets. Loooks good.

Might not even have a gear reduction though.
Hey unstuckable, how you like that Rincon compared to your foreman.
It's not bad. It's 100% more comfortable than my Foreman. It rides like a friggen Caddilac. Has more power but the transmission kills alot of it. It's a 3 speed where as the Foreman is a 5 speed. I ride the Foreman more mainly because it has lower gears and it works out better for me.

But for the average trail rider......The Rincon is great.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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