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29.5 swamplites

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What mods do I need for 29.5 swamplites. Lift, power ect.. May bike is stock other than bored 1 over.
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to spin them will need hmf, jet, k&n, clutch kit, not sure about lift b/c Robb has 29.5 outlaws on his with no lift just trimming of fenders
Someone on here has 29.5's swamplites on there foreman and it's red I think, look in the red foreman pics post.
Well will find out if they will fit tomorrow.
Well guys I just bought 4 29.5 swamplites for 150 bucks and I am ready to see what those babies will do.
How did you get 4 for $150? arent the 29.5 like $98 a pop
They where my buddys and he got a great deal on some vamps so in turn I got a great deal on some swamplites.
It's tomorrow..........did they FIT???????
Sorry I was gone this weekend and just got to a computer. Is the fit the only thing I had to do was modify the front fender brackets.
Here is a pic
You will definitely need HMF, Filter, Jet kit and clutch kit to turn those tires. Teh lift you might get away without getting depending on the clearance, you will need to modify the rear fenders(either with heat gun or shaving some). My 27" swamp witches rub just a little when on the floor boards in the mud pulling the bars.
Does taking the spark restor off make that much of a difference?
I really don't thinks so my baffle was just caked with mud.
it looks like your foreman is a S model so you will be able to jam gears and that will help out a little. like said above, a pipe, jet kit, air filter, and clutch kit. i have not rode with a foreman with that big of tires but you are proubly not going to have a ton of power, but you will turn them good enough.
I just got off the phone with my buddy and he is ordering me a hmf, filter and jet kit tomorrow. I have to be ready for the ride this weekend.
How do you like those Swamplites. I was set on the Vamps but I am wondering about the 1.75 inch difference between the front and rear tires. I am now looking at the Swamplites........................

Seems like the more I look the more confused I get, can't decide what tire to pull the trigger on.
I have only rode them one time and that was behind my house. I like them so far. We are going on a big ride this weekend and I will tell you how I like them then.
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