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29.5 Outlaws

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Here are some pics

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Looks horrible. They would look better on mine. Worst lookin' atv yet.
J/K That thing looks great Robb. Have you got to try
them out yet? What are you doin' with your claws? May be interested
in them for Jennifer.
Thanks! gonna try them out tomorrow..cant wait!! I jus sold the claws to Deadmullet...sorry railroader
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ROBB still waiting on the pics of the front of your bike!!!! the shackle up front is a sweet idea also!!!!!
Looks great Robb. The only difference you will see now is mudding isnt so fun anymore, and prepare to have a workout
Nice Robb. Looks like you are ready for the big holes at Red Creek now.
sweet that looks bad a$$, you have no lift at all?
that thing is sitting nice now with those 29.5's.....have fun with them
No lift, dont want to worry about the drivetrain as much.
I tried the tires today, and all I have to say is WOW, these things are awesome!!! Wish I had gotten them sooner!

i cant belive u have no lift i have the springs and lift on mine, i think im going to take my block lift off after seeing this!!
looks sick but to bad you wont get much use out of them lol j/k

You give me 29.5's i give my atv back to the shop permently
I was expecting Robb to be right behind me going through that nasty,lop-sided hole.

Im sure this upcoming weekend we will find some muck that you can really try those things out in.
im still a little scared of breaking stuff, I keep thinking about Vaughn breaking one of his axles with 27s, so im jus being a wimp.
so these tires are awesome well i ordered mine saturday don't really know when they will be here for sure but i toke one of robbs pic and changed something what do yall think
haha, looks like a couple of smoke stacks
looks good with the two stacks. Maybe we should work on making it?
I like. I have never seen a Foreman with dual snorkels. That would be
pretty neat though.
1 - 20 of 38 Posts
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