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29.5 outlaws

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I want to put 29.5 outlaws on the 500 but is there a place to get them besides HL they are way up there high if any one knows could u tell me Thanx in advance
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Have you tried the HL swap shop. You can find great deals sometimes.
but by the time you pay shipping and handleing it comes out to be more
Be on the look out. There are several used sets for sale on HL now and some maybe close enough to go pickup so you don't pay for shipping.
Still looking for the tires?? I found them for 110 each.
yes i'm still looking but i wont 12 in te rear if not much more
Not sure how much the 12s are, so you're gonna run the 12s in back huh?
yeah i beleve i'm gonna give em a try

yea i like the 12s in the rear and 10s on the front but be carful when ur stuck and u try to back out not to have your tires turned because me and my friend both broke our front axles like that
robb where did you find that i could get these 29.5 for only 110 a peice? Thats a durn good price!
this guy on eBay. <a href="" target="_blank"> ... enameZWDVW</a>
That is before shipping, looks like he is doing 2 29.5x10x12 shipped for $325
On HL if you are a prostaff member and with the 10% off right now they come to just over $100 a piece but I don't know what they charge for shipping.
now there is a %10 discount on all outlaw tires and if you have pro staff membership there is an additional %10 discount so you get a %20 discount on outlaws. with this discount, no one is cheaper than highlifter. if you order 29fives you get something like $120 off.
2 29.5x12 outlaws are 258 shipped from highlifter with the prostaff discount and 10% off deal
LiftedES how much did you pay for your new plastics and did new black come with it , and wered you buy it
man it was ALOT. close to 1100 with all new racks and bumpers. i replaced every piece of plastic on the bike except the pod screen.

i ordered it all from but you can find it cheaper
Thanx i my just have to stay with the scrached up green
QUOTE ("muddin500":1melf3nl)
yeah i beleve i'm gonna give em a try
Man, with a DGL and 12's in the back the 500 is gonna bog in the thick stuff. I know from experiance. On the trail in the soupy mud it will rule though. Would do better with 10's all around.
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