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29.5 outlaws on a rincon?

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how bad does the bike loose power and how is the power in peanutbutter mud?
i was thinking about giving my wife the foreman and getting a rincon
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Guys, I have a Foreman 5 speed and my Father has a 680 Rincon. I have 26" mudlites and he has 26" Vampires.

I would bet my life that I can outmud that thing anytime of the week. I've ridden both and the rincon's 3-speed sucks. Even in regular mud, the rincon couldn't rev out in first gear where as my foreman would bounce of the rev limiter in second. Both are stock minus tires.

Honda screwed up, in my opinion, with that tranny. Rides smooth and it nice on the trails but dont take it near mud or try to race someone.
I think, for the trails, the Rincon is great. Really smooth and available at a decent price. But it's the tranny and the loss of a low range that limits it alot.

Right now, I think I'd put 29.5" on the Outlander 800 over anything. I've never seen a utility spin 50mph in thick mud before. It was a trip. I'd like to see the new Thundercat though.
Look, in REAL penutbutter mud a stock Rincon on 29.5"s wont have a chance once it gets deep enough. I've had our Rincon to the point where it wouldn't spin the tires at all even at full throttle. And I've had my Foreman at the same point and in first it will always spin. However, the Rincon is a 680 EFI and has 26" Vamps. My foreman is a 500 with 26" Mudlites.

It's a gearing issue we are aurguing here, not a power issue. The Rinny spanks my Foreman in a race anyday, but in thick, nasty, axle breaking mud, the 3 speed of the Rinny just doesn't cut it. In ANY other kind of mud it will lite the tires up, it really will. But not in the thick gumbo mud.

Which would I rather have? The 680 Rincon. It's 100 times more comfortable to ride, has more power, more ground clearence, and does great in 90% of mud that the average rider will see. All that bike needs is a gear reduction (just like a 450!) and it will spin the tires all day everyday. Check out any video of a Rinny with a 6" lift and a gear reduction on 29.5"s. They are nasty and they go EVERYWHERE. And most of the time they go more places than the rest because they dont have a stupid a$$ belt. Direct power, baby!
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