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29.5 on honda foreman

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i want to put 29.5 on my foreman 500s but i'm a little scared that they will be to big and make it float i know you can put water in the tires and that will way it down and i can put weights on the back to make it heavyer but i'm really nevous about it floating and the lose of power so what do ya'll think and thanks in advance for the help
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for one dont add water in tires for 2 u dont need wieght for 3 if ur a true mudder nuttin to worry bout.. and u wont float there 2 fucking heavy.. for 4 u might want to get gorillas if ur a true mudder
i don't reaaly mud ahole lot i cross creeks and play in ponds and just go deep so what do you think know
its up to u whouldnt put 29.5s but wat do i know..
any other stock IRS atv with 26" tires will have more ground clearance then you on a foreman with 29.5s ahahahha
thats odd that you say that cousin has a stock 07big bear 400 irs 4x4 with stock mudlites on stock rims and i have more ground clearance with my 27s then got even more after i put the 2in lift
measure under the diffs, at the end of the day thats what matters
on that cam am. it levels out. and when they gas it the back end goes down..
yah that happens to every IRS atv, he stil has more wheel travel then you ever will.
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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