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will 28's rub and if they do wut could i do 2 make them not.O yea there 28-10-12 vampires.
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The only thing they may rub on is your front fender brackets, but you can bend them a little to get them outta the way. The rears may possibly rub the fenders next to the foot rest but I doubt it. But if so, a heat gun is all you need to get a little more room. I've got 29.5s with no lift or anything, so 28s should fit well.
They'll hit the front fender brakets. So you'll either heave to "tweek" them or get the HL fender kit to relocate them. The backs may rub against the floorboards, so some trimmming will be in order or some handywork w/ a heatgun to reshape them.
k thanx rob saw urpics looks nice but could u possibly get mea pic of were u bent the bar with ur tires turned id realy appreciate it.My tires cum in tomorow so its kinda in a hurry.wut couldi use instead of a heat gun?i cant think of anything.
they fit fine had 2 cut off them bottom flaps cuz when bottomed out the tire wouldgrab them in reverse and suck em up but fixed.thank yall for the help
Lets see some pics
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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