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28in outlaws are mudzillas.

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Hey yall think my foreman 400 has enough guts to turn 28 in mudzillas or outlaws with clutch kit,2in intake snorkle,stock exhaust with no baffels 3in outlet with 3in exhaust snorkle,jetted right o an K&N airfilter im not worried about clearence i got 2in spring spacers an 2in liftkit.What tires would be easyer to turn.they would be 9.5 wide all the way around for the outlaws or 10in wide on the mudzillas
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i have 29.5 laws on mine 12 in back and 10 in front with just a pipe and jet kit look at how thick the mud is in my avatar and its still turnin em, it does good in muddy water and semi thick mud but in real thick peanut butter it starts to bog but the tires never stop turnin, my freind also has a 450 with pipe and jet kit on 28 laws and itll turn them in anything
if you stay with narrow 28's all the way around, you will have no problems at all turning them. I have 27" zilla's (9.5' and 12.5 ) clutch kit and snorkel on the wifes 400 foreman and it turn them real well. If you decide on zilla's I have 2 28"x 8" x 12" for sale, one has a patch in it, no problems with it and they are in 90-95 % condition. I have $130 in them and will let them go for the same price.
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