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28in. laws

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can i spin 28in laws stock if not what do i need to put on it to make it spin them.
i have a 06 foreman 500
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Depends on what you ride in, in real thick mud you might have problems, but a clutch kit would solve all of that, then your power mods.
would a clutch kit work the same if i keep switching tires.
big T, u know good and well that bike will spin those tires and if u wanna spinem betta you know what needs to be done-/a clutch kit will help a considerable amount in pulling far as everything else goes it just depends on how much power you may even wanna put 29.5x10 on the bike/then you would definitly need quite a few mods to spin them as well as you would want....its your bike, do what you want//dont get a jet kit if you decide to rejet. all you need is a bigger jet from the dealer and u may need to ajust the needle but that is all-plus itll save u like 30 bucks so that will work out great.

that bike should turn them fine...those things are beasts (still dont know if red 500s or 05 or 06 650 is what I want) are you gonna ride with em in the spillway this weekend? I wont be able to go caus ma bike still messed up and too hard to get it too the shop during the week with skool in baton rouge and everything
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thanks everyone
and i dont think i will make it to the spillway atleast not this weekend
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