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28" swamp lites

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Will 28" swamp lites fit good on a stock 06 s 4x4 foreman? Also will the machine push the tires as if they were meant for it?
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28s you will have rubbing and you will feel a lose in power. with 27s you wont ahve problems with rubbing and i will still feel a lose of power but nothing a pipe, filter and jet kit cant fix
I've got 27" Swamp Lites on my 2007 Foreman 500S and there is a slight loss of power felt and also a little trimming or fender heating required for fitting. I bent the front fender support bar to keep the fronts from rubbing and had to trim a little off the rear fender to keep them from rubbing as well. The front tires measured pretty close to 27"s, but the rears measured a little over 28"s. I could drop some air pressure to reduce the height, but I haven't done it yet.

You can kinda see the size difference in this broadside pic
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1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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