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28" on stock rims

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Going to buy some new tires soon. Was wondering if 28' mudlites (10" wide all the way around) will fit on my stock rims. 2006 Foreman ES
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i have a lift kti on it so the height is not an issue, jsut need to know if they will fit on the rim cuz i have heard several say yes and several say no
I have 28 inch superswamper edl on my stock rims so i wouldnt see why they wouldnt
thanks dirtyrider
They will definately fit. We run 10's on the front & 12's in the rear. My wife
has stock Foreman rims & i have Rubicon wheels which are the same size.
The fit just fine on both.
hey dirtyrider how do you like your edl's and how would you compare them to the outlaws?
really I think height would be the only issue, i have 27x12x12's gators on the back and 27x10x12's on the front with the stock wheels, the only thing is that the 12x12's are pretty much as wide as you can go. but the 10" all around should work fine.
well i have no problem turning them..... I think that the outlaw is a great tire i was going to put edls on the front and go outlaws on the back but i got a good deal on the vamps all the way around so i went with that but personally i love the edls on the front if you get stuck there isnt much that they wount pull you out of i wouldnt go edls all the way around just for the front because they dig to much to have them on the rear
thanks for the input guys... i had a change of heart though... i'm going to get som 28x9.5(front) and 28x12(rear) outlaws...
hope it worksout for ya
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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