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28" Mudbugs discontinued?

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I ordered a set of 28" mudbugs a couple of months ago and still have not recieved them. I talked to one company and I was told they were discontinued. Is this true? If so, Gators look the same so I might try and get those instead.

Is there a better tire between the bugs and the gators? Because they look almost identical.
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thought i might let you know that the GBC Gators are ether being redesined or they are also discontinued, becasue they havent been shipping those out in months ether.

if i was you i would call the people you bought them from and see what is going on and give them say 2 more weeks to get your tires from them and if they don't have them to you by the demand you money back. 2 months is alot longer than it sould take to recieve them.
I just bought two sets of 28" gators from and had no problems getting them. this guy is reasonable and easy to deal with. i just wish i bought 12" wide tires for the font and rear instead of 10" for the front. other than that i love them.
The more I think about it the more I'm leaning towards 28" outlaws
sorry i have been reading forever that nobody has been getting them in
i tried for a while to find some 28" mudbugs and couldn't, the biggest i cn find were 27..
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