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28" Maxxis Mud Bug

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Hey guys I'm trying to get some new meaty tires

I'm looking for the Mud Bug in the new 28" inch size. Does anybody know of or has purchased some recently? Every where I look it seems to be only the 27" size.

Also I'm guessing just dremel or use a heat gun on the back fenders?

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I just purchased a set of 28's. I love them.
Where did you buy those from? I'm trying to find a deal where they will mount the tire and wheel together and ship it for a good price.
That guy only weighs 180, I'm pushing 230! I think I should be fine, plus he has a foreman 450 as mine is the 500.

Has anybody else floated with the 28"s? sells them
I bought the rims from E-bay, if you need me to get the name of the guy let me know.

I bought the tires from Dennis shipping.
I got 26" Mud Bug's I dident go to tall because we do a lot of trail riding and was worried about fliping more often. If your just doing Mud tho I would go with biger. But biger or smaller it's going to be hard to get stuck with them! And pay some one else to put them on your rims Its hard.
The only thing I'm worried about is rubbing on when I turn. I dont have any mods.

Eric did you try the tires before you put your lift springs on?
No I didn't. I doubt you'll have any trouble. Only thing I had to do was move fender brackets back a little. I took lift off and still don't have any problems. Rear rub ever so slightly, I will take care of that real soon. They have worked out great for me. When I have been in the real sticky, black dirt, mud I do notice quite a bit of power loss. It still turns them no problem but it takes a lot of juice to get 'er going. I'm sure a clutch kit would take care of this.
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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