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28 laws

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how many people are running 28x12's on back and 10's on front of a foreman 500 im considering getting these but have no knowledge of them on a 500 my bike is jetted and piped just wandering if i should step down to 27's or not ive already lifted the front of the bike and doing research on which size tires i should get any help would be greatly appreciated
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im running 28-10-12 fronts and 12-12 backs, but they are mudlites, my friend made me a custom lift, 1" up front and 2 in the rear, it helped alot, but im considering going to 29.5s, by the way im not jetted or piped, and mine will turn them over no probs even in the deep stuff. chris
thanks for the info but im wanting to run outlaws and i need to know how well my bike will turn them with the mods ive listed
rowdyforeman has 28-10 laws all the way around on his bike and it spins them pretty well except in the thick stuff. His bike is jetted with a pipe and filter and he also has a cluth kit. He makes it look easy in the stuff that I have trouble in. My opinion is go for it
U have this set up with LAWS. It all depends on the Jet. I had to got to a 165 to get the tires to turn in thick mudd. But besides that they are perfect.
I have 28x9.5 in front and 28x12.5 in rear no problem turning them wish I would have went with 10.5 and spacers all the way aroung though
what about 28x12s all the way with 1.5 spacers?
Depends on were you ride, the trails I ride at I dont think I could make the turns with 12s on the front.
Iride some trails but mostly mud turning sharp is not a real big issue the only thing im wandering is will be able to turn 12s well enough to clean them.
As long as you can spin them fast , they'll clean themselves .
You will be able to turn them and they will clean themselves.
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