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28 inch outlaws on 05' foreman

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I'm installing 28's on my 500. I got a 2 inch HL lift and 2.5 Inch spacers.
The tire sizes are 9.5 on front and 12.5 on back. They will also be going on stock rims. Will i need another lift to fit them on or cut the plastic? Anyone have answers?
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I have 27 under mine with no lift. you should be ok wiht the two inch lift
u have swamplites right.. he runnin outlaws bigger tread on outlaws let robb or someone with outlaws 2 cents
robb has 29.5 with no lift but he as molded the rear fenders a bit and he bent the front finder brakets and only has a little bit of rubbing
Thanks for the info. I'm already running 27 gators. Did run them stock then i put a lift and spacers on. you say u can bend the brackets. Have to wait for the tires to come in to find out.
hey were u from and whould u sale ur gators
if im close i might buy them... jw
nvm ur from canda
u can keep them..... i will buy new ones
If you look at the picture the gators are going on my wife's 2005 arctic cat 400 in the background. Sorry!
I have a clutch kit on order too from high lifter. Think i'll need it
I have a set of gators, 26's, if I deside on selling them I will let you know.
ok if dont have tire before then
i think im gettin tires in feb.
so thinks big...
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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