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28 inch gators

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Hi Everyone,

I am looking to get new tires for my atv. I have a 2002 450 es. It is totally stock. I know where I can get some gators for 450$ installed for brand new ones. They are 28x10x12's and 28x12x12's. Are gators good tires and what are they best for mud,snow trail? Also will these fit on my bike?

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I have gators and like them. I don't know of anyone having them on a 450 so I don't know if they will fit with out a lift. I think they are good all around. I don't have any problem in mud on trails or in snow. Most guys on here are going to tell you to get outlaws, zillas, or bi tri claws for mud.
I don't do any serious amount of mud so I don't think mudzilla;s would be that good for me.
u can run 28s with just a lil trimming of the plastic
Would my bike be able to push this size tire with no issues?
Anyone have any pictures of a 450 foreman with 28/27 gators? When you say with a lil triming of the plastic .. don't mean to sound stupid but what pastic are you talking about?

I've had 28" Gators on my 03 450s for the past two yrs and love them. I put a 2' lift and 1.5' spacers in the springs on all four corners to keep them out of the plastic. Plenty of power to turn them.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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