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28" gators

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what do all you fellas think about the 28" gators i can get them pretty cheap are they a good mud tire.
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My buddy uses 26 gators on his Polaris and has had very good luck with them.
I got the 27in bugs, which are very similiar to the gator, and they do pretty well in the mud. I think I will get a more agressive tire next time though.
Yes Robb said, they are very similar to the bugs and perform similarly. A good overall tire, that performs well in the mud and fairly smooth on the trail.

thanks fellas i gotta smokin deal through one of my buddy's i got 28/10/12 and 28/12/12 for 280.00 not bad eh! i just wanted to try someething different from the executioners wich by the way are an awsome tire just don't come in 28's or bigger
get a picture of them mounted on the bike if you can, want to see how it looks with the 28s. Lets us know how they perform.
found a better deal

hey sorry i take a million years to reply we don't have a computer so i have to use my sisters but i got swamp pro's instead pretty sweet tires especially since i got the whole set brand new for 150.00 otd. They work pretty darn good to and they are really light as well.
Those look good, where in the world did you get a deal like that?
what size tire ?
That sounds like one of those dark alley, out of a trunk deals.

Goog job!
who me no way ..errrr..uhh..maybe but not this time my buddy gave me a discount at discount tire. they are 27x10x12and27x12x12 they are really good in the mud and soo light
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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