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28" Bugs w/ 108 ITP

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Here they are:
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Rear view:
close up of rear:
close up of front:
Looks good!
looks kind of stout I think:
still have to cut rear plastic a little:
put a front SS ATV lift in front at same time, kind of evens front out with rear:
looks awesome eric! those wheels look bad a#$
Thanks, I appreciate it.
lovin the wheels man!!!!
Do they ride smooth because I have 27 mud bitchs and do not ride smooth. I think I am going to sale them and get me some mudbugs. do the 28 measure 28
they ride really smooth and yes they measure true.
i love them wheels, it really makes the bike look good.
Black wheels = Bad A$$!! Nice wheels that thing looks great!!!
i got bugs too!

i got bugs too!!

just painted rims and mounted tires today...

here's mine.
cool, I think you'll really like them
Nice rims Eric...looks cold

instead of cuting your rear plastics, get a heat gun and just bend them
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in the pic i posted, i cut my plastics on the rear fender...

i think it was about 3/4 of an inch...

it is the width of masking tape, i taped it on the fender and used it as a guide for my trusty dremel tool. took 2 minutes. doesn't look too bad either...
Nice trimming job Cra5h. I might try a dremmel on mine. I have some insane trimming to do to mine.
1 - 20 of 22 Posts
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