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28" 589' lift

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Well, I finally got them in and put them on. It's close, but after riding around the yard for a bit and hitting some curves at full lock and such, I think things will be fine as I haven't had any rubbing yet. Granted, the bike has only 20 hours on it, so the stock spings may sag a bit over time, but I plan on swapping out to stronger springs before it's all said and done with. I was looking for maximum ground clearance for rolling over logs and such in deep woods riding, so I went with the biggest 589's I could find. I'll be heading out to the spillway this afternoon to really try them out.

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spillways closed
what about power loss? any? much?
RSTed1100, That is an awesome quote on your signature. I may have to steal that!
same here. it might get stolen alot
They'll fit with no lift because they are nowhere near 28 inches. I had a big to do with ITP about this. I had some 28's and they were barely over 26 inches tall. Funny thing is, they admit it. I have 28 outlaws now.
QUOTE ("stomper":qjq366e9)
spillways closed

I guess I should have read this earlier. Me and a couple of buddies rolled out there this afternoon and found the gate locked.

Anyway, we headed to Thibodaux to run behind another friend's house along some headlands and cane fields and were able to find enough mud to satisfy my appetite for the evening. I absolutely LOVE these tires and whether they're actual 28's or not, they gave me the clearance I'm looking for as well as more bite than I ever thought they'd have. There is some noticeable power loss, but since I don't really plan on getting into DEEP mud, the first gear torque is still enough for me. Eventually I may go with exhaust, filter, and whatever else I need to gain it all back, but for now it's still a monster. Anyway, I know if you guys are like me, you're all about the pictures, so here's some from the ride today. The two guys are friends of mine so I've spared you from seeing my ugly mug.

Getting ready

WAAAYY too clean

That's better

And compared to a much older Foreman 400

#48FAN, you're more than welcome to use the quote as it IS my own. I write plenty of ride reports from my cross country trips on my bikes and that was a thought I had during some long miles across western Wyoming this past summer.
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I have 27" ITP 589's and I think there are the best tire for all around mud hard pack trial riding. The self cleaning is also one of the best things about them. The only way our hondas are getting stuck is if we bottom out but we will rock out till we get out.
What do the 28's measure?
hey hey

hey rsted, you need to take a trip to morgan city and come ride with us!!

there is some mud here...i talked to a guy the other day who went back there and scouted it out for me and he said that when he is standing next to his old foreman 400 with snorkel, the snorkel comes up to his neck...

the water out here was deeper than that and COLD! anyway, that should be drained soon...

do you know of a good place in houma i can get a set of tires, preferrably a set of 27" or 28" outlaws....???

btw, when you get a minute check out my site, i have vids of us riding around here...
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Re: hey hey

QUOTE ("cra5h":fa2lhzpn)
do you know of a good place in houma i can get a set of tires, preferrably a set of 27" or 28" outlaws....???

Yea, one of these days I'm going to have to go up there and meet you guys! Cycle World of Houma MIGHT have a set of 27" Outlaws, but 28's or bigger they'll most likely have to order. If you do go there, talk to Frank in parts and tell him that Ted sent ya. He'll treat you right. That said, nobody around here can compete with online prices when it comes to a full kit (tires, wheels, nuts, caps, etc.) and I just ordered mine online.

i figured that online would be better, but getting them when you pay for them is more fullfilling..

how much did you pay for yours if you don't mind me asking?
You can look it up pretty easily. I got the Bigfoot kit with the ITP C-type 4 series in black with the 28" 589's from ATVdirect dot com. I'm not affiliated with them or anything like that, but they seem to have pretty good prices considering no taxes and shipping's free. Same place I got my Ricochet skid plates and guards.
Nice ride RSTed, what do those 28's measure?
i think i have decided

i think that i have decided to get a set of 28" ITP 589's mounted on ITP C Series Type 4 (Black)

so many choices and so many opinions, but i think that this setup will work fine for what i do...

i found these on for a good price...

now lets hope the wife will let me buy them!
Anyone tell me what 28" 589's measure...............
Sorry Eric, I'm just getting back from a camping trip. I'll measure them in a little bit.
Cool, thanks a lot...........
Ok.......with 5psi in them, mine are about 26 7/8" in the front, so without the weight of the 4 wheeler on them they're probably 27 to 27 1/2" tall.

The rears are dead on 27".
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