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27x12x12 on stock foreman front wheel?

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i bought four mudbugs that are 27x12x12 and they were on stock foreman wheels...he said that they were fine...

my question is will they hold up on stock foreman wheels, will 12's even fit on stock front rim??

i ride really hard and i do not want to get stuck out in the woods with a tire off the rim...
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you havin second thoughts on em dude?

not at all, just looking to see if there is another way to have them on the front.

maybe rear wheel on front or something.

i have the two on the back now with stocks in front...
they will be fine, I ran 27x12-12 tri claws on factory foreman rims for awhile and never had any problems. Just keep the reconmended air pressure in them.

juz throw em on big guy. if i can get my hands on some 1" spacers before this weekend. were takin a ride to red creek. Dont know if ya buddies would be up for that. They got alot of mud tho. I got them 12 laws up front and THEY DO NOT FIT ON FACTORY RIMS. They rub the shock ALOT. so i'm havin to get some spacers. Or tryin to find some stock foreman rear rims and juz run rears all the way around. Lada
I don't know about ya'll but I'm ready to go break something

that sounds cool!

we can't go this weekend, maybe another time...

if you guys take some pics or vids, send them my way and i will post them on my site...

I ordered some 27x10x12 mudbugs for the front...i got both tires for $120...

not bad at all....

dont' break anything too important like an axle or something!!!
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