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27in mudzillas with no lift 06 500 foreman

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would 27in mudzillas itp type 7 rims fit my quad without a lift. i dont realy want to put a lift on my quad, i've heard that they wear the cv joints out quick? any input would be awsome. do they make 28s? thanks

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yes there are 28" mudzillas i have them they measure close to 30" of course im running alot of air in them they are comeing out wiht a 30" zilla its suposta be out in mid marchas for fitment from what i hear you can fir 29.5s no lift just triming but have never personally seen a 500 up close so cant really help you there
You will be able to fit 27 zillas without a lift. I have 27 swamp with which measure true to sive and they fit fine, a little rubbing in the rear but a little shaving or heating and good as new. You might have to adjut the bars in the front or get a fender kit so they don't rub, won't know until you get them. Mine don't rub in the front but the zilla might be a little taller.
yes 27 zillas will fit with no lift mine were on before i lifted it. you will have to bend the fender brackets in the front or buy the fender bracket kit from high lifter for the front.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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