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27in Mubbugs on 2006 Rubicon

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Has anyone have 27inch mudbugs on a 2006 rubicon. I am looking at 27X10-12 on front and 27X12x12 on the rear. My quad is completly stock right not and want to know if they will fit with no rub. Anyone have any pics that would be great.
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You will be fine with that set up
you will want a pipe and jet just get a fo-14 pipe
ill be gettin some 27x10 and 27x12-12 Gators around in bout 2 to 3 days. as soon as i get them mounted ill see if theyll rub. ill let u know
my 03 rubicon had 27"executioners with a 1.5" lift and when my front shocks were compresed they would rub while turning. so you might have to do some fender support bending to get the 27s on a stock bike to fit, i had to bend them alittle even with the lift. there are pictures of what it looked like in "my pics" in my sig if you want to see what it looked like.
i was just outside taking a 50th look at it and its going to be really close! the back finders close to the floor boards is where im woried about. i didnt want to have to do anything to it.
i had to cut my floor bords a little, you will more than likely have to trim yours too. dont be suprized if you have to trim the floor boards and bend the support bars.
i didnt want 27" but i had already payed for 26" and they were out of the 26x10 for the front and they offered to up grade. thats how i got stuck with 27". doesnt the Kenda Executioners have more tread depth than the Gators or are they the same?
My Kenda Executioners have 1 inch tread depth. I'm not sure what Gators have.
i have 27" swamp lites and they rubbed terrible. i had to lift it before i could ride it again. the only thing is that swamp lites run a little bigger then what they say they do.
I have a set of 28's on mine, had to do a little trimming but nothing major. I want to sell the rims/tires if you're interested. If not you'll be fine with the 27's.
Na i am not interested because shipping is rediculous to canada. I think i am going to get 27 in mudbugs. I traded my 26 mudbugs for a set of c 6 series rims with 25 inch mudlights. I really just wanted the rims and i can use the tires for something else. I road with the c 6 rims and 25 inch tires this weekend and with 2 dudes. 400 lbs the rear drivers tire was rubing on the muffler, It was shined right up.. What is the deal with this. 26 in bugs on the stock rims had lots of room. I wonder if the rims are not offset like say any other itp rim or perhaps it was because of too much weight
I didn't even notice you were a canuck............good luck.
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