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27" vamps

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where do yall buy yalls tires from? i need some 27x10x12 vamps, got a huge hole in my front tire and needa get my bike up and running again

just wondering where yall order yalls tires from, local or internet doesnt matter, not sure if the honda shop or yamaha shop in my town would carry those type of tires

thanks for the help
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Try Twisted Offroad on HWY 14.
i get most of my stuff from atv outdoors in denham springs its right outside of baton rouge
called the honda shop in town, they carry vampires but didnt have my size, they said there next shipment of vamps comes in in 2 more days, so either friday or monday he said, he also said it would be $90+tax, is that getting ripped off? i mean i know its local so it will be a little more, but yasky atv sells them for $84 then shipping on it is another $15 which comes out to be exactly the same, the lowest price i found for the tire was $69.99 but not sure how much the shipping is on it, would yall even bother ordering offline just to save $10 or would you just hold out and drive to the local honda shop which is like 10 minutes from my house and picking one up there???

also yamaha shop doesnt carry them but they could order them, haha
havent called twisted offroad yet to see if they carry atv tires or not but plan on calling them
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