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27" Tire Question

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Hey guys I'm new here and, I've been checking out the website now for about 2 weeks.

My question is I got a stock Foreman 500 for Christmas, and I need to know if I can get 27" outlaws, gators or bi/tri claw tires, with no lift kit. I will settle for 26" if I have to just want a better tire than stock.

Thanks again,

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Welcome to the HF family. you can get 27" under it although it will rub the front fender brackets a little in a tight turn. and the rear fender will rub a shade with a passanger or under heavy suspesion travel. there has been some post on here about heating the rear fenders to flare them a shade but dont know anything about it. hope this helps.

Kevin G
i tried a set of 27" mud bugs on my bike, no problems with them
Welcome to the site and Congratulations on your new 4 Wheeler. I have 27" ITP 589's on mine with room to spare.
27 inch gators no rub before the lift and great with just the front lift on, welcome to the fam man
Thanks guys,

**** I cant believe how fast everyone responded.

I work in an office 8-5 and if you've ever seen the show the office its just like that

I've never had the experience like riding for 5-7 hours straight and just enjoying the sound of the engine and all awesome surroundings.

I cant believe I didn't get in this sooner

Thanks again
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27" ITP 589's work good on mine
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