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27" SWAPLITES will they rub?

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im looking at 14in ipt wheels and 27in swamplites. will they rub on a stock foreman 500? if so is there any 27in tire that wont rub.
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i really really doubt it... i have 27" Outlaw MSTs and 12" rims and the only time it will rub is if i turn really hard in one direction.. the only time you will turn hard enough for them to rub will be when you are going very slow (or you will flip) so you can control the rubing. the back tires should give you 0 problems. how wide are your front tires going to be? mine are 10" just for reference. anything wider will give you a better chance of rubing
Look at what I have below. I am saying this because of what I have. I think without any lift you would have most likely have rubbing, if you go with 14 inch rims. 12 inch rims and 27" tires, no lift, I would think you would be okay.
dude... the size of the rim makes no diff on if you rub or not. you could have 20" rims and 27" tires and it will still be the exact same thing as 12" rims and 27" tire. diameter of the tire does not change with the size of the rim, you only have less tire on the inside. if you have 27" tires and 14" rims compared to my 27" tires and 12" rims, that doesnt mean yours will be 2" bigger than mine. if the tire you are looking at is a "true 27"" and is not offset by the rim you will be okay. if they stand taller than 27" you might have a little bit of rubbing. i've read where people run 29.5 outlaws on stock rims and have very little rubbing. look what i have below, there is no lift and i do not rub unless i turn all the way in one direction. even then the rubbing is very minimum
i work with a guy that has interco wheels and 27in swamp lites and they rub his rear fenders and the bars under the front fenders. my 27 in mud lites dont rub anywhere
so does that mean that the 27" swamps are not a true 27" how tall do they actually stand? any idea?
we mesured his 27in swamps and there were 28. mesered my 27in muds and they were 26 with about half the tread wore down and 3 lbs of air. his tires are brand new and i dont no how much air.
My friend runs 27" swamp-lites and the rub a little everywhere. A 27" mud-lite won't rub because it is a 26". ITP tires are not true to size.
so i wonder it 27" mudlite xtrs will rub?
I have 27'' swamp lites. The rear tires I had to trim the fender close to the footrest and the front I had to bend the fender supports but then decided to get the High Lifter fender kit, and this is with no lift. Oh hey yall I'm new to the forum from Fernandina Beac FL.
ok we had a 06 rubicon with 27 xtr on 14 inch rims.. they did rub rear fenders and front fender support..
i have 27'' swamp lites 27-10-12 front 27-12-12 back with no lift .they only rub front fender support.
I also have 27x10 in front and 27x12 in rear. There is no lift and no rubbing either. Great choice of tires...these rock. I will say, I measured my neighbors 589's 27" and was thinking these would be the same size. I like the bigger tire anyways!
ok, now I'm curious, why can we have the same model and year foremans same type tires and some say they rub and some don't. Does anyone have an answer to that. Mine is an 06 with no lift, as I stated earlier the front fender supports rubbed and the rear tires rubbed the fender right behind my foot. So why does some peoples foreman not rub with the same tires.I have 27" swamp lites on 12" ITP type 4 wheels. Pics to follow in just a little bit.
here's the rear tires
i don't have aftermarkets right now, but with aftermarket rims you could have offset, which would effect the tires place relevent to atv, moving it in or out, keep in mind the center of tire is usually taller than out side.....most people hammer there fender mounts allso so they sit closer to the fender, i have stocks and i bent mine so bad on a tree stump that i had to hammer it back. easy and cheep option. also tire pressure has a huge effect on low pressure atv tires, people that want a taller tire sometimes put more air into it ganning an IN on dia. my .02 on the sub, hope it helps

I run stock rims and have 4 LBS in all tires. But the offset comment sounds right.
Xtremity the answer to your queston could be a couple of things like air puressure, weight of the rider, and if the springs are wore down.
my bugs

my 27" mudbugs rub the fender, only with 10 pounds of air in them!!!

if you are running 5 pounds or less you are fine.
well i went ahead and ordered today...i got the ss 108 wheels and 27x10x14 mudlights all the way around.. ill let you all know how it works and pics to follow ..i should get them monday or tuesday at the latest.

thanks for all your inputs ....
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