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27" swampwitches?

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i may be getting a foreman 450S and i was wondering how swampwitches do in the mud and on the trails and if they were good?
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HL MST's are made by the same company and I've heard good things about them.
i was problee gonna get the MSTs anyway. thanks
I've got a set of 26 swampwitches and they do pretty darn good for the price. I personally wouldn't waste the money on the mst's cause they are basically the same tire. The only difference I seen was the sipes have grooves on the mst's and the witches dont.
That's what I meant, sorry not very clear. What I should of said is that the Swampwitches and MST's are made by the same co. Would go with Swampwitches because I've heard good things about MST's and the Swampwitches are cheaper!! Eustismudder is right on.
i have heard the same thing i would go with the swampwitch because basiclly the difference between the swampwitch and the Outlaw MST is the price you will be paying more for the name Outlaw they have the same tread paterns
This is who I got mine from. They were very fast delivery.

<a href="" target="_blank"> ... enameZWDVW</a>
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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