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27 outlaws setup

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i cant decide whether to run 27x12 all around or 27x10 in front and 27x12 in the back.
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im either gonna do 27 or 28s. can i fit 28s with just lift springs?
outlaw setup

you running stock rims??? if so you are gonna need 1.5 inch spacers with the 2 inch lift to run 27 12 all the way around. the sprigns will help a little but the lift is the way to go. if your running after market rims you should get by with no spacers in the front but you'll need 1.5 inch spacers in the rear. That's if you run four sra rear wheels. just om me if you have any questions. me and my buddy just got finished tonight with all this mess.
There are guys on here that run 29.5 with no lift no spacers no problems on the rear, up front I don't know.
which setup wouldt you run?

27x12 all 4



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Is this the only size they come in? 2-28x12.5 2-28x9.5 I would run 10's front and 12's in the back. Or 10's front and back.
the width of 28s are 12.5, 10.5, and 9.5
I run 28x12.5x12 rear and 28x9.5x12 front with 1.5" wheel spacers. Also lifted and springs
ok i got this figured out now. i put my friends 28x12.5 outlaws on all corners on my rubi. the only thing i needed was 1 inch spacers and bend the fender brackets and they work fine. so i know ill be able to do 27x12 on all four corners
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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