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27" Mudzillas or Outlaws on Foreman

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Does anyone have 27" Mudzillas or Outlaws on their Foreman?

If so - how do they feel? Do you have a lift?
Do they rub anywhere?
Have they caused anything to brake up front?
How do they spin in deep mud?

I have an HMF pipe, carb re-jet, and Uni-filter...can I run 27" tires and spin them in the thick stuff?
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I dont know if this helps at all, but I have no problem spinning my 27in Mudbugs, so far I think these tires are awesome. They ride smooth on the trails, and do a pretty good job tearing up the mud.
How are your Outlaws for trail riding?
I'm going to get rid of the Outlaws. They are AWESOME in the mud, but they beat the crap out of me and my Foreman on the trails. I'd rather sacrifice some deep mud traction for a little better trail ride and get the Mudzillas.

I've talked to several people, and the Zillas are a smoother ride with just about as much mud traction as the Outlaws. I think I've decided to go with the 27" Mudzillas.

Like I said though...the Outlaws are awesome in the mud. I get through places that many others (even Big bores with 27"+ tires) get stuck because they aren't running Outlaws. Either it's the tires or I'm just the baddest-ass ATV 4x4 rider in the state of TX. I'd put my money on the tires though!!
i will be curious to hear how smooth the Zillas are, I want to get some 28s in the future, and im going to want something good all around.
check into some bi/tri claws, very smooth tire with great mud abilities. look at pics in sig of them on my 450
I should have the Zillas installed on new C-series wheels Friday and go for a ride Saturday. I'll report back on Sunday my thoughts on the Zillas.
take a look at the gators have 4000 plus mud miles good trail tire and good in the mud no broken axles !!!!!!!
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