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27" Mudlites

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Hi yall

Im planing to get mudlites on my -07 500 foreman. Im starting with stock rims and thought that 27-10-12 and 27-12-12 would be good. But I have heard rumors that say that mudlites dont work in snow when its really cold-----> the rubber gets hard and its like driving on the rims.....
Can anyone with knowlege of theese tires in cold winter temperatures tell me how it is.......

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Any tire is going to get stiff in cold weather. Don't have any idea if mud lites are worse or not.
Had 589's (same compound) on my old 01 Kodiak and they were great in snow, when I was on a road with hardpack snow covering they were like roller skates. But what tire grips ice like surface well? They'll do just fine.
Have 27 mudlites on mine and they work fine in the winter.
Thanks everyone for the reply.
Im gona order them today.....
my mudlites dig good in the snow
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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