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27 mudlight xtr on 14 in rims

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Just put these on and I am very impressed. On the trail there are very smooth riding. It's been pretty dry here but found one big mud hole, up to the fenders and they really dug out.

With the HMF muffler and the jetting my 04 foreman turns them with no problem. I'll by putting a DGL on over the 4th and really anticipate this thing will be up to more than I am willing to try.
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Looks good
love the rims...
do you have a lift kit of any kind on there; looks awesome by the way
No lift at all and while they are close on the back there is no rubbing even under full compression. The bike feels much more stable than stock.

Also, while you can't tell in the picture they do stick out a little past the fenders.

FYI 27 X 9 X 14 Front, 27 X 11 X 14 Rear
It will with the wider stance and foot pattern. Gotta love thoes aftermarket tires....Looks great....
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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