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27 inch ITP 589's

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Well...I am going to sell the 27inch ITP 589's on my Rincon. I want Laws or Mudzillas. I would sell the rims and tires as a set, but this would limit me selling them to anyone without a Rincon because of the IRS and the rims are for a Rincon only. I will separate them if the offer is there. Give me a few to find out what the Laws or Mudzillas will cost and will post an asking price. The tires are only 6 months old and in good shape.
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OK...Probably $300 for all 4 tires. Offers welcome..
Times are tough these days. How about $7 & you pay shippin'? Heck, i was
gonna offer you $5, but what the heck. Just kiddin'. That's not a bad price
you are askin'.
Actually Railroader..I was getting back on to change the price to $300. Need to sell sooner than later. Dont mind getting less sooner than holding out for top dollar later.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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