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27 inch Bear Claws on '05 Rubicon

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Just wanted to pass on that I have a set of 27" Claws on my Rubicon and find them great. Really did not know just how limited my stock tires were in the mud until now. I went with 27" x 10" x 12" all the way around. I probably could have put 12's on the back but I am not a hard core mudder. I did not want too much power loss. I have not noticed any. If I use low and ESP as I always did anyway in the deeper stuff, all seems the same. Here are a few pics to show the fit. I would recommend them.

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Nice looking rubicon. Is that skid plate a full underbody one? where did you get it?
Well not sure what you mean by full. It does not protect the rear end, of course due to the pivoting rear end. But does cover from the front like you see right to the pivot arm for the rear end. It's in two pieces for ease of installation. It has two holes for the oil drain plugs but no hole for the filter. You must remove the plate to change filter. My dealer here in St. John's ordered it for me. It's from Motovan. Most any dealer should be able to order it for you. In case you are unaware, Motovan is a part supplier like Royal Distrubting and Parts Canada. Pop in to most any recreational dealer and browse their catalogue or visit

Hope this helps!
Yup everythgin I needed to know. Thanks!
I have a pair of bear claws on a 2001 rancher with around 5,000 miles on them and still going strong.
bear claws

i have 27" bear claws on my 05 foreman and they have been great.
I also have them 10in front 12in back i really like them(Handling and looks)
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