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27" Dirt Devils pics

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Here is a pictorial of the new Dirt Devils at !0,000 Acres..
They were awsome...... 2wd in most of the pics.
The foreman should come with these tires from the factory.
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If I ever bought a trail/mud tire those would be them. I think they are very underated.

And nice pics too, We are definately gonna have to hwad up there to ride.
QUOTE ("raveer2000":3ihobcdd)
I am glad to see you didn't lose power in the storm.
nice picts I wish my mudbugs would hurry up and get here.
We did fine in the storm this time, thankyou..
I took yalls advice and got the DD from atv outfitters for 280 a set.
He delivered in 2 days, no problems using brown (ups).
I was working and had a trail ride planned for saturday so i had the local shop mount them for 80 bucks. $10 a tire?,dismount and mount,, I would have charged more.
The tires are wicked, I put the front brake on in the mud pit and the rear DD pushed the forman forward without digging down. I also climbed some slick clay banks about 5' high in 2WD.. They clean themselves pretty good and just keep pulling forward.
I may keep my stock dunlops just incase I make a trip to sand dune national park, because DD are def not sand tires.
I dont know about any top speed changes because the rain felt like needles hitting my face during the storm.
And last but not least, the forman was easier to clean, I guess because the DD spent more time pulling instead of throwing mud up into the bike.
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Great pictures!! Glad you like your tires!! And yeah we need to get up there for some riding!
QUOTE ("truegrit":33m0wyeh)
QUOTE ("raveer2000":33m0wyeh)
I am glad to see you didn't lose power in the storm.[/quote]

We only got rain, a whole 2 inches. Pensicola got pounded, but we were far enough away. Doctor how did you manage in ocala area?

It mainly just spit at us a little with periods of sun and rain.
I was ready though with the new generator and two tanks of gas for the grill, last year after the storms, all the neighbors were using out grill to cook on, because it has a side burner..
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