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27-12-12 front tire

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has anyone tried this tire size on the front of a 500 foreman with no lift to see if you get full turning radius or should i get the 27-10-12 for stock rims..
also after reading about the tire height diff on the rims between the two sizes, 1/2 inch.. im thinking i should use the same tire all the way around.
instead of getting the kit, even if that means getting the smaller tire for the back
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The couple of people I have seen with the 12's in the front all have said it steers hard and eats up ft wheel bearings and ball jts fast. The 27x10x12 fit on the ft of mine with stock rims and no lift,didn't change handling that bad and had full turn angles,later on!
Youre gonna get huge arms quick if you put 12s in the front unless you only ride mud. I have 27-10-12 front and it steers almost as easy as stock, Somtimes I think it is easier.
My rule of thumb is to go no wider than 2inches more than stock width. Front rims oem are narrower than rear and will have problems with seating the bead (leaking) on 12 wide because they have to narrow so much to seat square. Aftermarket front rims are the same width front as rear so you can run wider all the way around on them with no problem.
Except for premature steering parts and drivetrain failures due to the xtra weight and load pressures...Stay with 10's in the ft. in my personnal opinion...
ill be running 27x12 mudzillas up front this week. i gotta get some snap ring pliers this week so i can start replacing balljoints and bearings
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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