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26's rancher

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I have an 05 350 rancher and I am wondering if I can put 26's without a lift and without robbing too much power. I have not decided on which tire yet but I have friends with bigger bikes going to 27-29's so I will have some slightlly used hopefully to choose from. I am also wondering how wide can I go on the stock rims. They have rincons and foremans and I just wonder if their tires will fit.
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I'm pretty sure that they will fit. One of my buddies was running 26 mudlites on his rancher and he didn't have a lift. I belive that they were 11s in the front and 12s in the back. Hope this helps
the rancher has a 12" rim in the front and 11" rim in the back so you will have to get new rims. i had a rancher with 26 they never rubbed even with 4 people on the bike.
oh yeah he did change the rims
I just bought a set of 26 589s for my wifes rancher. 10 in front and 12s in the back with itp rims. they look nice. make sure u get the correct off set on the rims.
I have 2 350's, on one I have 25x12.5 and 25x10 bear claws, a good tire and not much loss of power. On the other I have 25x12 and 25x10 mudbugs, there is a small loss of power, but worth it for the traction. With both bikes side by side the mudbugs are about 1-1 1/2 inch taller. I have found that every tire brand measure different in height than the actual size.
Thanks I am planning on using stock wheels I am thinking of the tri/bi claw or the mud bugs I guess if I can get an extra inch in clearance maybe I should try the bugs
You will get a loss of power by going to 26 inch tires on your Rancher unless you add some power mods, especially if you go to an aggressive mud tire. We went with 25 inch tires on the wifes machine and they work fine but we don't ride a lot of mud or any water except for the occasional creek/river crossing and she has had no problems.
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