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26in Vampire ASX - 26x13-12 on all 4 corners

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Would that combo work on my foreman? Steering effort is not a problem for me, neither is the extra wear that they would put on all of the suspension components. I just want the widest tire all the way around.
Also, what are the stock wheels width on my 04? I've read that they are 7" and i've also read that they are 6".....
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Here is a picture of those tires on my bike. I didn't put the wide ones all the way around, just on the back, but you can get an idea of the clearance, but I do have a 2" lift on the bike. I had the back ones on offset rims so they didn't stick out too wide, my son now has them on his Rancher. I don't know how the wide ones will do on the front, they are really SUPER wide though and I would think you may have some issues with them rubbing inside the front. I wish I had a picture from the back so you could see just how wide they really are! Also, I don't know how much you weigh, but we had to take them off my bike because I had a SERIOUS "floating" problem. So I imagine it would even be worse with those tires all the way around! I'm using 589's now and it's a lot better.
Your foreman looked good!
And thanks for the reply. I would love to see a pic from the back of an ATV with those tires on there, just so i could see how wide they are.
Anyone have a comment on the question about the stock wheels that i asked?
What i would like to do is add the wide-trac 1.5" wheel spacers, and run the 26x13s all the way around. I could do a highlifter lift kit if need be.

Here is a pic taken with my razr, but it shows kinda what my foreman would look like with wide tires all the way around. i didnt actually measure the mud built up on them, but it looks to be around 12" wide or maybe even wider. I didnt have a problem with anything rubbing when i would turn either.
If I get a chance, when I go home for lunch I'll see if I have a picture of my back from the back w/ those tires on there. My son's bike is at a friend's house so I can't take one.
But, with that mud on your tires, that's about how wide they look! But when you get in any deep water, your ARE gonna float!
I got those tires off of Ebay, so I don't know where you are shopping, but you can check there. I think they were $285 total.
Awesome, i just found them on ebay for $89 bucks a piece. I think i am going to order them.
I just need to know for sure if they will fit on my stock wheels.
Well, before you order them....
I have FOUR of the 13" tires, one has a hole & will need a tube, it got a hole in it the FIRST day I used it and so we ordered two more and so one is still BRAND new and the one with the hole has only been used ONCE. The other two 13" are just slightly worn (on my son's bike now) and two of them (on my sons bike) are 9" wide (I used on the front). Not bad tho. You can have all six of them for $50 ea, that way if the fronts are too wide you can switch them to the 9". I don't know what the shipping will be, or where you are located. If you are anywhere near me we could meet up otherwise you'll have to pay the shipping. Just let me know!
My son's bike is needing a motor so we can do without the tires for a while and I'm tired of storing the other two tires!
1- USED ONCE 13" (with hole- needs tube)
2- USED 13" (still plenty of tread)
2- USED 9" (still plenty of tread)
Could you check on shipping to Noel, Missouri 64854?
If its not too much, then i will consider purchasing those tires from you.
Also, are the factory wheels 12x7 on all 4 corners?
Your rim size should be stamped right on the rim. I have an 04' Foreman ES and my fronts say 6 x 12 and the rears are 7.5 x 12.
I'll check on the shipping prices and let ya know!
PMed you.
Looks like shipping thru DHL is around $25 EACH. It's cheapest to do them all separately because I also priced them w/ being all bundled together.....
wow, 2 grand??!!?! did you tell them to wake up??

did you only check thru DHL?
i know when i ordered a set of tires for my car off the net, it was only $35 for FedEx to 2day deliver them from louisiana. They werent boxed or anything, they were taped together and delivered just like that.
Thanks for checking! And, if you have already checked with fedex, then I will probably just end up buying the 4 26x13's if you are interested in just selling those to me.
Thanks again!
Shane had told me that he would just tape them all up together as one, but by doing that if you stacked them up they (all 6) would be about 76" tall! So that is when the lady said it would be cheaper to do them one by one! I'm at work and will be kinda tied up today but you are welcome to do some pricing. My zip code is 32174 and we would just take them to the place (instead of having them picked up out our house).
By the way, either way you wanna do it is fine, if it will be cheaper & easier to just buy the others thats no problem.
We weighed the rear tire and it came to 37.5 lbs ea. so the fronts are probably around 30 lbs. ea.
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