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26" Tri Claws are they a smooth ride???

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I have a question about the 26" tri claws are they as smooth as the 27"? Someone told me that the 26" have a really hard ride to them. Is this true or are they just as good? I really want a set of 26" Tri claws with c5 rims. What do you guys think. What size should I go within the front and in the rear?
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I didnt even know they made 26's. why not just get te 27's? i love mine.

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(just for you Truegrit)
I thought the Bi/Tri Claws only came in 27 inch sizes.?
they come in 25s and 26s i think, but they look, and work nothing like the 27s. I think the smaller ones are only bi claws or something. Go for the 27s
Will they clear a stock 03 foreman? Precision Power sports still makes them in 26" size in the bi and tri claws.
26's or 27's should clear with no problem.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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