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26" Swamplite Fit

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Hi guys this is the first time I posted here.
I have to get some tires.
(1) Is 26" Swamplites vs 25" swamplites worth the extra money?
(2) Will 26" Swamplites fit on an 02" Foreman 450s with stock rims?
(3) Is there a tire that has similar price that would work for the type of riding?
I mostly ride hard pack trials with some mud.
Hey guys thanks for the info in advance, Kevin
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26" is money well spent on larger tires.
They should fit the rims. Make sure they are 12" rims!
The Swamplites are a great trail tire. Smooth ride and pretty good grip for mud, rocks, etc.

I'm sorry I sold my Swamplites for the MudBugs I have on now. The Swamplites were a much better riding tire. Stay off concrete with them as they wear very quick on cement!
I agree with snatcher. They are excellent hard pack tires and pretty darn impressive in the mud as well. I have heard they wear quickly but I have had mine for over a year and they still have the little nips on them in most places. And yes, go with the 26" tires. I have 27" tires and they would occasionally rub so I put a 2" lift on and now no more rubbing, now I am looking at 28"!!! LOL
Hey thanks folks.
One more question, will I lose power with the bigger tire?
Hava good one,Kevin
I'm running 26" on a stock 350 Rancher and soon as I get my wheels I'm gonna move up to 27's.

You will lose some power but not enough to notice no matter what bike you ride.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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