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26 or 27

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Hey,Iam about to put some itp mud lites on my 02 foreman.I have a stock lift so would yall reccomed the 26 inch tire or the 27.
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The type of riding you do will depend on the size. Trail riding I would stick with the 26" to keep a low center of gravity and for mud riding I would go with the 27" for alittle more ground clearance.
Alright thanks I will get the 27" then will they rub any?
they shouldent
I assuming by what your saying with stock lift means you dont have one. Are you going with the narrow tires up front and wide tires in the back?
On factory rims you will not have any problems with rubbing, but if using aftermarket rims they might need some lite trimming on the rear of the floorboards.
Yea its factory lift with stock rims I plan on going 10 front 12 back.
then you will nothing to worry about but riding it.
Alright good deal are they a pretty good mud tire.
they are a great all terrain tire. Smooth riding, lite weight, great for trail riding and some mild mud riding.
28 inch tires

hi im going to buy 28 inch tires for my 2001 foreman 450 . i ride in the mud alot , but i want to know what tire is the best ? here are my choices - outlaws , mudzillas , vampire edl's and the new pireli mudwieser which looks real agressive in person . now i what to put these on my stock foreman rims which are front size 25x8-12 and rear 25x10-12 . can i do this with 28 inch tires ? i have the following mods hmf pipe , 135 jet , k&n air filter , high lifter springs ( which were simple to install thanks to dirty foreman's advice ) warn 424 selector , toggle switch for fan , and a superwich mounted up front . let me know whats the best or the worst . im ready to buy now !!!! later yall .......
yes youcan use your stock rims to fit any of the tires you listed..... i wouldnt put edls all the way around they dig to fast but i think that outlaws on the back and edls on the front would be one bad a## combo but they are all good tires and the best mud tires made
Okay... if you had different tires on front and back dont you think that the size would vary a little bit? Since your bike is an 2001 then it is full time 4wd wouldnt that possibly damage the differentials if you were riding on something that was unforgiving such as pavement?
your right but w/ the 424 warn selector he has the option of 2wd and youre right if it was still full time 4x4, but he could run 25s on the front and 30's on the back if he never puts it in 4x4 he will not hurt anything
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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